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We create a fancy web-solutions based on modern tehcnologies, for reaching new goals.
Help businesses to automate their routine tasks.

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About us:

We make a cool projects

Our philosophy in moving web-technologies forward and integrate them into routine business-processes. We build fast, secure, and effective systems and applications which help our clients to attract more customers and to gain profit.

Using more than 30 technologies
Have more than 50 projects done
Some projects, that we are proud of:



Website development for company "LYKK Sp. Z.O.O." based on the Wordpress. Full development cycle, from sketchs to production-ready website.


Website development for international holding-company "Kusto Group".


Development of a system for providing information about the temperature of water inside the Black Sea. All data comes from more than 100 autonomous sensors, which are drifting inside a sea and sending data by using GSM network.


Creativity portal for creative people, where users can share their own works, sell it, and vote for the best ones.


Landing page and system for the Reforma company, which selling online-courses, about how to lose weight, eat only healthy food, and do yoga. Also, a system was connected to a CRM system to automate some business-processes, which allows customers to buy courses without human managers.


The website for internet-provider company. We deep analized all competitors websites and provide the best result for our customer. As part of the work - was created custom plugin to check availability to connect to the Internet by checking visitors living address. We create billing system and personal account functionality, where a company clients can see al details about providing services and pay bills.


E-commerce website for selling kinetic sand as the cool toy for a children's. The website was build based on all customer wishes. Also, we created a landing page for the website home page to increase conversion.


Corporative website for the geodesic company - "GEOMER-GROUP". Optimized for the search engines and connected with a CRM-system.
How we work?

Why you need to cooperate with us

We provide wide range of services in IT. Starting from the building simple websites and landing pages, to the big, powerful, and difficult systems and applications, web and mobile. All our projects are mobile-friendly and optimized for working on different platforms.

To provide you best quality services, our team is consists of many talented program-architectors, designers, marketing specialists, and some other professionals in their field. With us, you can always get the most favorable conditions and affordable services. We can satisfy any requirement of even the most exacting client.


Analyze of client business

We are attentive to analyze our customer's niche and look for any weaknesses or problems, build a portrait of the potential customers and also analyze the competitor's websites. That's why we can provide you the most attractive and effective product for your clients, and which doesn't have any analogs.


best results

By working on every project for our client, we do everyday meetings with our team and clients to discuss all details, make corrections, and plan new tasks. We introduce every stage of our work to the client, for providing maximal effective results at the end of work.


Free support in the next two months

As we are just humans, we can't be ideal and we can do some mistakes. We know how it can be painful for production if your project going to work not as expected. So we provide two months of free support services for all our clients. We testing and fixing every found bug for you in two next month after we officially finished your project.

What we can do for you

Our services

Automatization of business-processes inside your company

Integration of CRM and ERP systems for automatization relations with clients. We can automate your routine, with no need to employ more people. You can get: automatic calls, messages, creating documents, and excel tables in automatic mode.

Creation of automatic tunnels for increasing the lead conversion to clients and for making existing clients return again.

Websites and online-systems development

We create all kind of websites and web-systems for personal or business purposes, starting from the simple websites and to the multifunctional and high-load projects, which based on microservices architecture and using integration with another systems.

Creating SAAS (software as a service) systems and content managing systems (CMS) for you. Develop innovative projects to be step forward in IT-sphere.


We can create your own brand starting from zero. We provide full package of services to build your own brand style, based on logo, banners, personal clothes, cups, visit cards, other. Also, we can create a modern and minimalistic interface, based on UX, to design your future website or application.

Technical support

We help with finishing a project with missing developers, which haves a close deadline. Also, we providing full technical support for all of our projects, absolutely free in the next 2 months from finishing a project. We always consult our clients about the new technologies and the needs to use them.

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